‘YALAMBER’ the first Kirat Rai King

Yalamber, the first Kirati king of
Nepal belonged to the Yellung clan.

Altogether, there were 29 kings of
this dynasty who ruled over Nepal
for about 1225 years.
According to
the chronicle (Bamsavali) of
Kirkpatrick, Kiratas ruled over
Nepal from about 900 BC to AD 300.

On the basis of the Puranas and
other ancient religious texts, it is
presumed that the Kiratas ruled in
Nepal after Gopal and Mahipal.
Yalamber defeated Bhuvan Singh,
the last king of the Ahir dynasty
and established Kirat rule in Nepal.
He extended his kingdom as far as
the Tista river in the east and the
Trishuli in the west. It is said that
during the battle of Mahabharata,
Yalamber went to witness the
battle with a view to take the side
of the loosing party. Krishna,
knowing the intention of Yalamber
and the strength and unity of the
Kiratas, thought that the war
would be unnecessarily prolonged if
Yalamber sided with the Kauravas.
So, by a clever stroke of diplomacy,
Krishna cut off Yalamber’s head.