To Mother Nature


I seek immortality
in two days’ life,
Preserve me nature,in your greenary.

I seek no mutability
My destination is not grave,
Save me nature, in your lap.

I seek peace
in your surreal beauty,
Permit me nature,to play with your colours.

I seek longevity
like that old mountains,
Entwine me nature,in your essence.

I seek no disappearance
like that morning dew,
Let me flow nature,with that river.

I seek joys
In your broader chest,
Hug me nature,with your strong boughs.



Faraway My Angel Awaits (a wish)

Faraway my angel awaits
With garlands of white flower ;
May there be no hindrances
When I set out for her.

Faraway my angel awaits
With roses in her hands ;
May there be no disturbances
When I set off from the sands.

Faraway my angel awaits
With love in her heart ;
May there be no sorrow
When I’ll play my part.

Faraway my angel awaits
With a smile on her lips ;
May there be no bereavement
When we both embark to ships.

Faraway my angel awaits
With dreams in her eyes ;
And may our story be never fade
When we both have died.