With You In Autumn Evening


The sweet songs of birds,

We hand in hand across the lawn,

Pansies white yellow and violet

Tossing their heads in the breeze,

Somewhere the sound of falling leaves,

The sound of squirrel cracking
the walnut,

Calm weather warm sun.

White fluffy clouds forming different shapes,

A passenger flight in the blue sky,

Sun born in the horizon and

about to die in the horizon.

Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest,

Shutting and opening of our lips.

Your unkempt hair flying backwards,

Yellowish west sky.

Heart shaped fig leaf’s shadow,

Pale maple leaves.

If I could stop this world from spinning,

I would do so,

Just to be with you,

In this autumn evening.

Photo source: http://www.deepbluephotography.ca


Faraway My Angel Awaits (a wish)

Faraway my angel awaits
With garlands of white flower ;
May there be no hindrances
When I set out for her.

Faraway my angel awaits
With roses in her hands ;
May there be no disturbances
When I set off from the sands.

Faraway my angel awaits
With love in her heart ;
May there be no sorrow
When I’ll play my part.

Faraway my angel awaits
With a smile on her lips ;
May there be no bereavement
When we both embark to ships.

Faraway my angel awaits
With dreams in her eyes ;
And may our story be never fade
When we both have died.


With Roses In My Hand

Like the moon brightens the murky night

You have brightened my life in ways
that no one ever could.

In the windy winter days

In the smoky December nights

In the early morning and dusky afternoon,

With grasses soft and green

With dew on the petals of every rose

I wish to be with you
With my newborn heart in you.

The spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled with mine,

Your open arm is meant to be
hugged by me.

I dream of you and me forever

It’s an irrevocable promise.

In the July rain

I’d be with you under the same umbrella
dancing with every splash of the rain.

And when you feel cold

I’d light the fire for you.

In the Marigold field with cuckoo’s song and butterfly’s dance

We would dance till sunset.

And if the whole world collides

We would outlast and outlive all.

And amidst the storm

I will be waiting for you

With roses in my hand.

All Rights reserved
©Kiran Bantawa.
copying and duplicating is
strictly prohibited.