The kitten (100 word story)

A Grey kitten was playing in the garden with a toy mouse. His concentration was distracted by the sudden fall of a pale, almost dead like leaf that fell off the willow tree. Pausing his own favourite sport, he ran to catch the fallen leaf, perhaps he was tired of the fake toy mouse. He was about to catch the leaf between his two soft paws a sudden blow of the wind snapped it and blew it towards the sky.Kitten stared gaping, perplexed and with gasping agony.He’d probably never know that nature also wants to play with him.


Nature – live in concert

Deep in the forest
The drooping saplings revive
A bird sings her majestic song
Butterflies dance in the tune
Woodland air makes the leaves clap
Sun rays glow through the branches
Tall trees – the spectators
Ah! Nature in live concert.





Butterfly Flutters By

Butterfly flutters by where the wind is calm,
And butterfly flutters by in your open wide arm.

When kissed a drooping flower revives
Promised to return if she survives.

Butterfly flutters by where the mind is without fear,
Butterfly flutters by where she’s waiting for her dear.

Why her lifespan is so short?
She did not deceive nor did she hurt.

Butterfly flutters by in the greenery of earth,
Butterfly flutters by till she reaches the dearth.

Mesmerized by the colors she wore,
Ah,how I loved to see her more.

Butterfly flutters by speaking the words of fraternity,
And butterfly flutters by spreading the message of serenity.



Poetry And Me


Beside the seashore and the sand

With the waves or upon the strand.

Beyond the horizon and across
the cloud,

In the silence or amidst the
noise aloud.

With the birds and with the
flying kite,

In the forest or beside the

Among the flowers and with the

In affliction or in glee.

Above the mountain and on the

In the sunrise or at the dawn.

With the moon and among the

At the trains or at the cars.

Of the heaven and of the hell

Of music or of the temple bell.

You will find me doing poetry,

With these things revealing

Spreading the messages of love
and harmony,

Untill the day I go to crematory.


To Mother Nature


I seek immortality
in two days’ life,
Preserve me nature,in your greenary.

I seek no mutability
My destination is not grave,
Save me nature, in your lap.

I seek peace
in your surreal beauty,
Permit me nature,to play with your colours.

I seek longevity
like that old mountains,
Entwine me nature,in your essence.

I seek no disappearance
like that morning dew,
Let me flow nature,with that river.

I seek joys
In your broader chest,
Hug me nature,with your strong boughs.


With You In Autumn Evening


The sweet songs of birds,

We hand in hand across the lawn,

Pansies white yellow and violet

Tossing their heads in the breeze,

Somewhere the sound of falling leaves,

The sound of squirrel cracking
the walnut,

Calm weather warm sun.

White fluffy clouds forming different shapes,

A passenger flight in the blue sky,

Sun born in the horizon and

about to die in the horizon.

Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest,

Shutting and opening of our lips.

Your unkempt hair flying backwards,

Yellowish west sky.

Heart shaped fig leaf’s shadow,

Pale maple leaves.

If I could stop this world from spinning,

I would do so,

Just to be with you,

In this autumn evening.

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Ten Pictures : Drawing with words

——- 1 ——-

Moonbeams fall upon
an empty winding road;
a crawling Anaconda.

——- 2 ——

Clouds on the sky
so light yet so heavy
behind a bare tree.

—— 3 ——–

Pines in the valley :
a conical-shaped rocket
to be launched by the Earth
to explore the Luminary world.

——- 4 ———

The first Sunbeam
kisses Mt. Kanchenjunzga
snow smiles.

——– 5 ———-

Daffodil stands still
Butterfly wants to suck it
wind blows and moves daffodil
hither and thither.

——— 6 ———–

A couple of dove
shelters on the bough
of willow tree
waiting for monsoon rain to end.

——— 7 ———–

Dead mole on the road :
I have an unanswered question,
why does it happen?
Is there any myth?

——— 8 ———-

Crescent Moon
rises with an army of stars
beyond the horizon.

——– 9 ———–

In the summer afternoon
fishes in the stream
take shower-bath
in the Cascade water.

——— 10 ———–

Cicada’s cry
a melancholic chorus
accompanying Cuckoo’s Song.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright ©Kiran Bantawa 2013

I Am That Country Boy

I wake up with rooster’s whistling
Before the sun covers the night
Fresh daliah’s scent sparks my mind,
Begonia’s colors wishes me
With the morning dew bright.

I take a sip of the coffee and
I look at my field.
Take that sickle my boy
It’s time for crop to yield.

I harrow clod,I ride horse,
I smoke weed,I hurt none
I roam the dark forest with a loaded gun.
I need no pity,need no compassion
I’m that cool breeze blowing without restriction.

Sometimes I play that old song
“country roads take me home” – my choice,
I live in merriment with the birds’ sonorous voice.
With Cicadas’ louder chorus
on that oak tree.
As a bird, in the valley, I am free.

I have no regrets,I have no greed
I live in contentment and doing good deed.
Stars are my inspiration
moon my pathfinder,
Wind sweeps away the thorns
no one’s the hinder.

The Soul Within Me


A wayfarer, a wanderer;

Hankering for something unattainable,

Irresistible my soul.


My soul flies across the horizon

with the shapes of the clouds

And I try to draw a figure.

It looks down upon the jagged rocks

And flows with the river.

My soul, an itinerant musician;

Singing songs of sufferings;

Telling stories of downtrodden.

Foreshadowing tomorrow’s uncertainty.

My soul,dumb speaker and deaf listener.

My soul, wave in the ocean.

A traveller in the luminary world.

A conqueror of the universe.

A roisterer in the busy world.

My jaded soul,a dreamer.

All Rights Reserved
©Kiran Bantawa