Destiny (haiku #21)



Burked by the sun ,

moon hides during the day –

night her destiny.







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SILENT POND (haiku #15)

A silent pond –
moon’s mirror
at night.

BERRIES (haiku #16)

Wild berries hanging
like a lady’s earrings
In summer days.

FIREFLIES (haiku #17)

Twinkling stars
on the meadow,
Fireflies at night.


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Dancing In The Starry Night


Moonbeams fall upon us
Our face so jovial and bright
Others beholding with hush
We’re Dancing in the starry night.

Gazing us thousands we don’t care
Sapphire embedded gown so bright
So gorgeous you in unkempt hair
We’re Dancing in the starry night.

Moon smiles, stars rising few
Meadow lit by fireflies’ light
Moon’s tears fall and turns to dew
We’re Dancing in the starry night

For those who have died
You missed our dancing sight
And for those who have survived
Come and dance in the starry night.

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Loneliness Everywhere

An Owl sitting on the bough
No bird accompanies him.

A teddy bear covered with dust
Because the girl has grown up now.

An old guitar under the bed
No spare time to hit that strings.

Glowing moon in the murky night
Without sun and stars too far.

I’ve friends,families and loneliness too
Even the shadow leaves you in the dark.

We fade into eternity alone and lonely
Will my soul recognizes yours there?

We live amidst the uncertainties
One thing is certain,loneliness is there forever.