With You In Autumn Evening


The sweet songs of birds,

We hand in hand across the lawn,

Pansies white yellow and violet

Tossing their heads in the breeze,

Somewhere the sound of falling leaves,

The sound of squirrel cracking
the walnut,

Calm weather warm sun.

White fluffy clouds forming different shapes,

A passenger flight in the blue sky,

Sun born in the horizon and

about to die in the horizon.

Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest,

Shutting and opening of our lips.

Your unkempt hair flying backwards,

Yellowish west sky.

Heart shaped fig leaf’s shadow,

Pale maple leaves.

If I could stop this world from spinning,

I would do so,

Just to be with you,

In this autumn evening.

Photo source: http://www.deepbluephotography.ca


Until My Existence

Not in your dreams :
I’ll be beside you to pull you up from the pillow when you wake up.

Not your tears that fall :
I’ll be to save it from falling and making your eyes wet.

Not your goodbye :
I’ll be your shoulder when you need
a tight hug.

Not your silence :
I’ll be your words that tell of the sweetest stories.

Not your failure :
I’ll be your hope when you try
giving up.

Not your fantasy :
I’ll be your reality so that you can
write a new history.

Not your yesterday :
I’ll be your today tomorrow and forever until I exist.

©Kiran Bantawa 2013

You And I Forever ~

The sweet caress of her when I’m down

Her touch a heavenly bliss,

And when a shooting star passes

over my head

Silently I make a wish.

The monsoon wind blows leaving

my eyes moist

I haven’t lost anything but why I

feel lonely most?

Nothing compares to your soft voice

even the best songbird can’t compete,

Your eyes are so beautiful like a

Sapphire purest and the rarest gift.

I find you in my dreams

In my loneliness

I find you taking me to

fairy’s land.

You and I forever with the bless

from the heaven

A gift so dear to me god has given.

I want to be your pathfinder

in the isles

Holding your hands for a

thousand miles.

I want to walk with you,

want to laugh ,

I want to hug you

Till the eternity lasts.

(This is for one and the only “Afrosinya”)

All Rights Reserved
©Kiran Bantawa