Distant Thoughts

Time has flown by as the flapping of the wings
But I will wander singing quietly in the rains,
Hope to lay in the boughs of my
For I will be free from this earthly chains.

I have seen the turnings of the
Mortal body questing longevity for reasons,
Hope to lay in the boughs of my
Leaving behind those unresolved

When I’ll be gone, do not hang
window curtains
For I’ll be peeping you from the
moon’s surface ,
You’ll see me laying in the boughs of my creator
In the eternity of love, in the
serenity of peace.



Morning walks (senryu #3)

Morning walks –

a rich man walks to digest food

a poor to earn.


This Morning


Curtains fell.

Rooster whistled.

Night’s drama ended.

Morning unveiled it’s cloak,

Unfolded it’s wing.

From the dream land
I woke up.

Sunbeam peeked
through the window;

Fresh fragrance of the roses
mixed in the air and

filled my room,my heart bloomed.

A new day, new hope,
new challenge.

This morning is –

A curse for the one

Who feed from hand to mouth,

A bless for the others.

A challenge for the brave

A drama for the beholders.

This morning brings

Yet another chapter

Yet another story

To be written

in the book of life.

©Kiran Bantawa 2013
Photo ©kiranbantawa2013

Stitching My Life

The shoe I wear it pinches

The cot where I lie it aches

And when I walk on the road

I stumble upon by potholes.

Still I walk on with

Aching foot and aching back.

The opportunities I found,
it slipped

The desires I made,

I ejected.

The dreams I dreamt,

it vanished.

Upon my head a blue sky

Beneath my feet the ground,

I believe –

Heaven and hell you make

With your deeds.

I raced with time but

I’m left far behind

Will no one lift me up.

So from today –

I’m stitching

my torn and patched life

with the needle of a new day and

the thread of Hope.

All Rights Reserved
©Kiran Bantawa 2013