~ A Letter To Ex ~

My Dear,

It’s a pretty long letter. I hope you will read it completely.

Life is beautiful.But at times I keep myself asking where did I go wrong? Why did my dreams shatter? When I rewind those past moments it strikes my poor little heart and makes me bleed.It was known to me nothing is permanent,but somehow I had managed to love you with extra courage,but I was unknown of consequences that this love would bring.Perhaps Life Is An Irony.

It was 5th day of April.I was leading my life as it comes.Then we talked over the phone. So shy was I and you too. Since then everything changed.Slowly our friendship moulded to love. Every second I kept missing you. You were my eternal bliss, a gift sent from heaven. I used to sigh how lucky I am!

At first I was afraid of loving you, afraid of being too close but it all happened unknowingly, unwillingly .Neither did I propose you nor did you say anything. It all happened secretly. we spent talking hours.I was addicted to you. I found myself sinking too deep in your love, too deep that sometime I used to ask myself if anything wrong happens would I be able to get through the pain?

We were the perfect two,just made for each other.No doubt, you loved me too with all your heart. In good times or bad times I was a part of you.You were caring, intelligent & loving. I had loved you more than anything, more than myself. you were my everything, you were my reason of living.In fact I was the most happiest man in the world.

I wonder how swiftly time goes by ! In your company I had forgotten everything.You were my Desire, my passion. You were my inspiration, my guiding star. But now time had changed. suddenly you left me without a valid reason.I was shocked. My world collapsed, dreams shattered.

I cried too many times. Tears rolled over my cheek. You have found a new joy but I have lost mine. why me?You know I had loved you truly. I was true to myself .May be I wasn’t perfect for you but was trying. Every now and then I kept thinking of you.With you I had dreamt of a beautiful life ahead.But things aren’t the same as they seem.

I still remember your promises, promises of loving me forever.You used to tell me that you would die if I leave you.but…! I still remember your smile, those loving words, those late night conversations.You know I still listen to your favorite song we both used to sing along and when I listen to it I Miss you badly.I still cherish those days.

I’ve told you to wait a little more time,but you didn’t. Perhaps you chose happiness. Now I’ve got everything that I wanted, that I didn’t have before,but your absence in my life pains me.

Today, I am writing these things only for you to read and realize how much you meant to me, how much I had loved you.

My dear wherever you are, stay Happy always.I couldn’t be a perfect person for you or I lack quality.I have loved you and will be loving you till the end. I’m sorry for everything.

I’m lonely now-a-days. I miss your warmth &Love.I’m trying to be stronger, trying to raise myself up & never look back again….!!

Good bye. Take care.

Yours truly,

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