Distant Thoughts

Time has flown by as the flapping of the wings
But I will wander singing quietly in the rains,
Hope to lay in the boughs of my
For I will be free from this earthly chains.

I have seen the turnings of the
Mortal body questing longevity for reasons,
Hope to lay in the boughs of my
Leaving behind those unresolved

When I’ll be gone, do not hang
window curtains
For I’ll be peeping you from the
moon’s surface ,
You’ll see me laying in the boughs of my creator
In the eternity of love, in the
serenity of peace.



Winter (tanka #3)

Frozen lake-water,

Damp eyelids,misty breath,

Foggy-streets’ dim lights,

Silvery-green valleys,

Leafless trees,concrete boughs.

Ode To Matsuo Basho


I find you in an old silent pond,
The imagery you’ve left will outlive all,
With nature,your immortal bond
You will stand like a kiri tree tall.

You, the gem of haiku,
Your name be echoed in Fuji’s peak,
Mogami river shall chant your lines
Your praise be sung by the Cuckoo.
The rivers and the oceans shall seek
To preserve you in their shrines.

The Cherry trees bow in thankfulness
Pines remind of your gingko walks,
Spring departs,autumn smiles in
The rivers, the winds and the clouds.

Though time fades away,deem all out,
You shall remain in greenness of nature
Forever alive and forever young.
This word-wreath be bestowed
Upon you, your name shall be featured
In the valley  and ocean shall chant
your song.


An Orphan at Footpath


Torn clothes,
patched heart,
Barbed eyes
and frenetic life
Lived with agony.
Sewn by mockery.
Has got eyes but
couldn’t figured out
Who really is he?
Where does he belong?
Only the wind that blows
Knows his roots.
Footpath – his sweet home,
No homesickness.
Begging – his profession,
No more greed of more pennies.
Morning – a curse to him,
Night – an uncertainty.
he has no one to call his own,
He lives in merriment,
He lives in peace and
He believes,
If people changes,
one thing will never change
And that is his sweet home “Footpath”..

Photo: flickriver

Poetry And Me


Beside the seashore and the sand

With the waves or upon the strand.

Beyond the horizon and across
the cloud,

In the silence or amidst the
noise aloud.

With the birds and with the
flying kite,

In the forest or beside the

Among the flowers and with the

In affliction or in glee.

Above the mountain and on the

In the sunrise or at the dawn.

With the moon and among the

At the trains or at the cars.

Of the heaven and of the hell

Of music or of the temple bell.

You will find me doing poetry,

With these things revealing

Spreading the messages of love
and harmony,

Untill the day I go to crematory.


Weekly photo challenge “horizon”



This post is for weekly photo challenge created by: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/weekly-photo-challenge-horizon/

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: The horizon has always been a curious thing to me, the spectacular images of the sky and the earth meeting is a beauty to see and I always admire it ,how beautiful our earth is!

To Mother Nature


I seek immortality
in two days’ life,
Preserve me nature,in your greenary.

I seek no mutability
My destination is not grave,
Save me nature, in your lap.

I seek peace
in your surreal beauty,
Permit me nature,to play with your colours.

I seek longevity
like that old mountains,
Entwine me nature,in your essence.

I seek no disappearance
like that morning dew,
Let me flow nature,with that river.

I seek joys
In your broader chest,
Hug me nature,with your strong boughs.


With You In Autumn Evening


The sweet songs of birds,

We hand in hand across the lawn,

Pansies white yellow and violet

Tossing their heads in the breeze,

Somewhere the sound of falling leaves,

The sound of squirrel cracking
the walnut,

Calm weather warm sun.

White fluffy clouds forming different shapes,

A passenger flight in the blue sky,

Sun born in the horizon and

about to die in the horizon.

Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest,

Shutting and opening of our lips.

Your unkempt hair flying backwards,

Yellowish west sky.

Heart shaped fig leaf’s shadow,

Pale maple leaves.

If I could stop this world from spinning,

I would do so,

Just to be with you,

In this autumn evening.

Photo source: http://www.deepbluephotography.ca



Why this greed in your mind ?
When you have enough to dine .
Why this smiles I feel so fake?
In your grave nothing you’ll take.

Why this selfishness in your smiles ?
You’ll walk someday hundred miles.
Why this pity I feel so fake?
In your grave nothing you’ll take.

Why this rude your behavior?
you’ll get punishment from the savior .
Can’t you be a true human for God’s sake?
’cause In your grave nothing you’ll take.

Photo source: http://www.vagobond.com

Proposal in poetic style


Eyelids want to meet

River banks want to meet

But if the eyelids meet

One would be blind

And if the banks meet

River would be dry.

My heart wants to meet yours

And If they meet would love die ?

Photo source: http://www.french-kiss-u.blogspot.com

Sunrise (photo blog)

I’m blessed to see everyday sun rising from my window.
This autumn sunrise seems more beautiful than before. My room’s window is towards the east and the first sunbeam peeks through my window pane and to enjoy sunrise I don’t even put curtains on my window.
Yesterday I captured these photos from my phone and thought to share on my blog. How’s this?

My name is KIRAN and in English it means “rays of the Sun” (I’ve used this as the name of my blog)… strange combination.

Everyday I watch sunrise from my window. What about you?







Weekly photo challenge “INFINITE”


Posted for Weekly photo challenge(https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/photo-challenge-infinite/ )


infinite Sun.
infinite rays.
infinite sky.
Infinite horizon.

(seen from my window )