“Come And I’ll show You..”

Come and I’ll show you
The smile that hides the pain,
The story that tells of the rain.

I wander coast to coast, to and fro,
I dance with pitter- patter of the rain,
Gracefully I gaze,
My heart pervades with the rage.

Come and I’ll show you
The colors of rainbow,
That hides the horizon,
Somewhere my curiosity has arisen.

I roam with no regrets
From streets to highway,
Driving down the subway .

Come and I’ll show you
The pain of being lonely,
I’ll show you the reason of being jolly.

I count stars,I sing songs,
But I find my voice worse than
The Chirping of the birds.

Come and I’ll show you
My struggle for existence,
Counting the days in persistence for Resistance..!!

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©MEROBLOGGING 2013 @Kiran Bantawa
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My Dad


Dad, you are my inspiration

You are my conscience,

Tired was I,not standing to move

Lost was I, not wanting to soothe.

Lonely was I, not willing to rejoice

You talked to me in a sonorous voice.

Showed me the way when I

Slipped off the ground,

You made me laugh in an utter sound.

What am I without you?

Who am I without you?

Hold my hand when I stumble,

Raise me up when I get trouble.

Let your arm surround me,

Be my guiding star when I cannot see.

Dad you are my hero,my strength,

No one’s stronger than you,

Nothing compares to you.

All Right Reserved
©Kiran Bantawa
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