Whiskey Lullaby ~ A Story Of Whiskey And Betrayal

whiskey lullaby

(This is Brad Paisley‘s song “whiskey lullaby”.I’ve transformed it into the story based on music video and lyrics. hope you like it.The story goes like this..)

Finally the war is over.Richard, a young soldier and a war veteran is returning home safe and sound from the war field.He had his worst nightmare ever on the field.Still echoes the sounds of explosions,sounds of bombs and grenades.He had spent so many sleepless nights half starved, finger crossed,believing in his gun and praying to God only to give him a chance to survive this ruthless war because faraway his dear wife Katherine is waiting for him. Still her soft voice echoes within him and her words-“You come home and we’ll start our family..”

A truck full of war veterans passed by. All are in merriment thanking God for the deadliest survival.There a young soldier Richard is silent looking at the photograph.In the photograph he and his dear wife is swinging under a willow tree kissing and saying “I’ll love you forever and ever.” It was the only thing(photograph) which kept him alive and lead him through the darkest hours.He is so happy because finally he arrived at his sweet home where his dear wife awaits him counting seconds.

The truck stops before his home, Richard gets out of it with his luggage.Katherine doesn’t know that he has arrived home.After entering the main door he casts a look at the photographs on the wall and smiled.He hears her dear wife laughing.Hurriedly he enters the room but he finds his wife with another man on the bed.His whole world collapsed.His love turned into hatred.He came home alive from the war only to find his dear wife with another man. What an irony ! He threw his luggage and photograph and came running outside the home, rode his motorbike and went away.

“She put him out like the burning end of a midnight cigarette. She broke his heart.”

Richard didn’t say anything to Katherine instead he drove aimlessly on the road leaving his wife with his man.She tried to stop but he didn’t. Was there anything left to talk? He drank and drank from morning to evening.He loved her so much but she betrayed him.He survived the war killing others only for her.

“He spent his whole life trying to forget. We watched him drink away his pain a little at a time, but he never could drink enough to get her off his mind.”

He became the victim of chronic alcoholism.Finally he could bear no more pain. After all what this life worth living for. He lived for her but she didn’t.“He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger and finally drank away her memory.” We found him dead and a note to her wife under the pillow which said- “I’ll love her till I die.” We buried him under the willow tree, then the angels sang a “whiskey Lullaby.”

Time passed by. Rumours flew that she hated herself and blamed herself for his death but nobody cared. She came to realize that he was the one but it was too late. She felt alone, nobody was with her, the man with whom she was before had left her already. Like Richard She drank all day and night trying to forget him.
“For years and years she tried to hide the whiskey on her breath.”
She tried to engage herself with others but his memory haunted her. She couldn’t get him off her mind. So, “She put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger And finally drank away his memory.Life is short, but this time it was bigger
than the strength she had to get up off her knees.We found her with her face down in the pillow Clinging to his picture for dear life.”

One day, we found her dead with the whiskey on her breath. That’s the price she had to pay herself for betraying to her dear husband. We buried her next to Richard under the willow tree while the angels sang a whiskey lullaby..

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It’s A Facebook Thing

“Hey, you are sticking to phone 24 hours,what’s there? Don’t you have anything to do beside facebook?”
“My dear son, see now I’ll crack that piece of plastic if don’t do immediately what I’ve told.”

Ha.. ha.. These two sentences are the most familiar sentences for me ’cause at least ten times a day I get to hear from mum.
My friends questions me, “I’m noticing you are online 18 hours a day, you have nothing to do?” I simply cast a fake smile on them with short and sweet reply ‘Yup’.

I’ve things to do, busy schedule, focusing on job, but still I manage time for ‘FACEBOOKING’. Without facebook I’m moron. It doesn’t mean I’ve gotten time for chatting or flirting, instead I read, I look, I like, I scroll, I discover things…!
facebook login
These days Facebook has become an intimate part of our daily life and such a familiar name that even a 5-6 year old child knows what is it. The only name that connects the whole world without any discrimination of race, religion, region or boundary is ‘FACEBOOK’
I don’t know other’s views, I mean how they use it or what facebook meant to them but about me I’m sure it’s my little world, a world at my palm.
Gone are the days when everything was messy. we had no such meddlers through which we could express anything from love to hatred, joy to sorrow, anger to feeling.Now facebook does that perfectly without any doubt.

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who founded Facebook with his fellows in 2004. With over 1.2 billion registered users facebook is the greatest discovery of 21st century in networking category.
I’ve heard my neighbor aunt shouting at her son – “facebook, facebook, facebook, not facebook, face the book.” Seems like aunt is fed up of her son’s activity. What she doesn’t know is that “Facebook is an online store house of knowledge.”

“Hey dude, I’ll tag you a photo ok?”– One of my friend. I sent a message “ya sure.”Then in a minute he uploads and tags me. I checked. I murmured “what the hell is this? What am I supposed to do with his girlfriend’s photo?” Anyway I clicked “Like”.No Comments.Is he offering me or wanna tell me she is his girlfriend? Can’t figured out. Crazy guy.

Another one.
“I have a new girlfriend on facebook.”
“Woow, how’s she?”
“Very Beautiful.”
“Have you met her?”
“Nope. Not now.”
“Then how can she be your girlfriend ?”
“But she loves me.”
“Ohh, Love on facebook. Is that her real ID?”
“……………………..” Speechless.

I wake up with facebook and off to sleep with facebook. Are you…..??

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My Dad


Dad, you are my inspiration

You are my conscience,

Tired was I,not standing to move

Lost was I, not wanting to soothe.

Lonely was I, not willing to rejoice

You talked to me in a sonorous voice.

Showed me the way when I

Slipped off the ground,

You made me laugh in an utter sound.

What am I without you?

Who am I without you?

Hold my hand when I stumble,

Raise me up when I get trouble.

Let your arm surround me,

Be my guiding star when I cannot see.

Dad you are my hero,my strength,

No one’s stronger than you,

Nothing compares to you.

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~ A Letter To Ex ~

My Dear,

It’s a pretty long letter. I hope you will read it completely.

Life is beautiful.But at times I keep myself asking where did I go wrong? Why did my dreams shatter? When I rewind those past moments it strikes my poor little heart and makes me bleed.It was known to me nothing is permanent,but somehow I had managed to love you with extra courage,but I was unknown of consequences that this love would bring.Perhaps Life Is An Irony.

It was 5th day of April.I was leading my life as it comes.Then we talked over the phone. So shy was I and you too. Since then everything changed.Slowly our friendship moulded to love. Every second I kept missing you. You were my eternal bliss, a gift sent from heaven. I used to sigh how lucky I am!

At first I was afraid of loving you, afraid of being too close but it all happened unknowingly, unwillingly .Neither did I propose you nor did you say anything. It all happened secretly. we spent talking hours.I was addicted to you. I found myself sinking too deep in your love, too deep that sometime I used to ask myself if anything wrong happens would I be able to get through the pain?

We were the perfect two,just made for each other.No doubt, you loved me too with all your heart. In good times or bad times I was a part of you.You were caring, intelligent & loving. I had loved you more than anything, more than myself. you were my everything, you were my reason of living.In fact I was the most happiest man in the world.

I wonder how swiftly time goes by ! In your company I had forgotten everything.You were my Desire, my passion. You were my inspiration, my guiding star. But now time had changed. suddenly you left me without a valid reason.I was shocked. My world collapsed, dreams shattered.

I cried too many times. Tears rolled over my cheek. You have found a new joy but I have lost mine. why me?You know I had loved you truly. I was true to myself .May be I wasn’t perfect for you but was trying. Every now and then I kept thinking of you.With you I had dreamt of a beautiful life ahead.But things aren’t the same as they seem.

I still remember your promises, promises of loving me forever.You used to tell me that you would die if I leave you.but…! I still remember your smile, those loving words, those late night conversations.You know I still listen to your favorite song we both used to sing along and when I listen to it I Miss you badly.I still cherish those days.

I’ve told you to wait a little more time,but you didn’t. Perhaps you chose happiness. Now I’ve got everything that I wanted, that I didn’t have before,but your absence in my life pains me.

Today, I am writing these things only for you to read and realize how much you meant to me, how much I had loved you.

My dear wherever you are, stay Happy always.I couldn’t be a perfect person for you or I lack quality.I have loved you and will be loving you till the end. I’m sorry for everything.

I’m lonely now-a-days. I miss your warmth &Love.I’m trying to be stronger, trying to raise myself up & never look back again….!!

Good bye. Take care.

Yours truly,

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30 Best Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life (part- II)



(16) The more that you READ, the more you’ll KNOW.

(17) A PERSON IS A PERSON, no matter how SMALL.

(18) I MEANT what I said and SAID what I meant.

(19) ONLY YOU can control your future.

(20) Be awesome.Be a book nut.

(21) Be who you are & say what you mean. Because those who mind don’t matter, & those who matter don’t mind.

(22) Oh, the things you can find if you don’t stay behind.

(23) It’s opener, out there, in the wide open air.

(24) Teeth are always in style.

Green egg and ham

(25) Today I shall behave as if this is the Day I’ll be remembered.

(26) Will you succeed? YES YOU’LL INDEED! Ninety eight & three quarters percent guaranteed.

(27) From there to here, & here to there, funny things are everywhere.

(28) Step with care & great tact & remember that LIFE IS A GREAT BALANCING ACT.

(29) UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it’s not.

(30) you’re on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go. The cat in the hat

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