Haiku #23

spring flowers bloom

butterfly , the messenger-

how was the winter ?






Ode To Matsuo Basho


I find you in an old silent pond,
The imagery you’ve left will outlive all,
With nature,your immortal bond
You will stand like a kiri tree tall.

You, the gem of haiku,
Your name be echoed in Fuji’s peak,
Mogami river shall chant your lines
Your praise be sung by the Cuckoo.
The rivers and the oceans shall seek
To preserve you in their shrines.

The Cherry trees bow in thankfulness
Pines remind of your gingko walks,
Spring departs,autumn smiles in
The rivers, the winds and the clouds.

Though time fades away,deem all out,
You shall remain in greenness of nature
Forever alive and forever young.
This word-wreath be bestowed
Upon you, your name shall be featured
In the valley  and ocean shall chant
your song.


3 haiku


SILENT POND (haiku #15)

A silent pond –
moon’s mirror
at night.

BERRIES (haiku #16)

Wild berries hanging
like a lady’s earrings
In summer days.

FIREFLIES (haiku #17)

Twinkling stars
on the meadow,
Fireflies at night.


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5 Haiku For My Gorkhaland


  • we want Gorkhaland
    echoed thousands voice
    into oblivion.


  • century old
    our demand Gorkhaland
    justify us.


  • father died son died
    now grandson sacrificing
    for the Gorkhaland.


  • you can’t suppress us
    till the last blood in vein
    voicing Gorkhaland.


  • this is the last chance
    stand up for the birth right
    don’t give up the fight.

    for my readers outside India who are unknown of the Gorkhaland Movement get yourself updated here: CLICK HERE

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