3 haiku


SILENT POND (haiku #15)

A silent pond –
moon’s mirror
at night.

BERRIES (haiku #16)

Wild berries hanging
like a lady’s earrings
In summer days.

FIREFLIES (haiku #17)

Twinkling stars
on the meadow,
Fireflies at night.


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Narrating the song “FIREFLIES”

Artist-Owl City

I Love This Song. I Usually listen to it whenever I feel lonely, happy or even Sad.
Here I’m attempting to Explain it’s lyric.It’s just my little effort.Any feedback & suggestions are welcomed.firefly close view.

When the sun goes down and the darkness fills the air,there comes ten million fireflies that would lit the world.You would not believe fireflies lighting up the world and blotting the darkness like the moon.when the fireflies fills the air with the glowing lights,you would think me rude, an insane, standing perplexed and staring fireflies in merriment or in dilemma.But I believe everything is not as it seems because earth revolves around and it’s hard for me to stay awake when I must sleep.Fireflies at night

Ten thousand fireflies hugs me and tries to teach me how to dance as they move in the air lighting their part, then I get the feeling that I’m in a night disco hall where the lights are twinkling and I’m hopping on the floor .To me fireflies resembles disco ball hanging by the thread.

Now I feel insomniac & too tired to fall asleep. I was counting sheep. Leave my door open and let me in or take me away from here.

Oh ten million fireflies, why are you saying farewell?You know I hate goodbyes? I’m afraid if I would not meet you again.My eyes got wetted bidding goodbye. But I believe that the earth turns slowly and we would meet again in the next night, but I wonder if my dreams of meeting you gets bizarre, then? Despite that I would meet ’cause I’ve saved a few fireflies in the jar….!!

Thanks !!

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