Why this greed in your mind ?
When you have enough to dine .
Why this smiles I feel so fake?
In your grave nothing you’ll take.

Why this selfishness in your smiles ?
You’ll walk someday hundred miles.
Why this pity I feel so fake?
In your grave nothing you’ll take.

Why this rude your behavior?
you’ll get punishment from the savior .
Can’t you be a true human for God’s sake?
’cause In your grave nothing you’ll take.

Photo source: http://www.vagobond.com


Old Age (nonet)

Thumbnails of memories we rewind

Reel of real life has come to stop

with Shaking hands, blurring eyes.

Experiences to

share with the children

And prepare for

Soul’s transmute

From the



Entangled In Grief-Stricken Questions

Soon the autumn will come
And the winter too
As I lay counting my days
I wonder, will this autumn be my last season?
Yet I long for winter and spring too,
Will my dying day be happy as I am now?
Yet I long for sunshine and moonshine too.
Will I be able to face death?
Yet I long for more years and immortality too.
Will my soul reincarnate after I go?
Yet I wish but hate this life too.
Will I be paid for my deeds in eternity?
Yet I don’t believe in superstitions.
Will I be welcomed in heaven?
Though nobody has seen heaven and hell.
These questions are mysteries
And I’m entangled in grief
Searching for the answers !!

copyright ©Kiran Bantawa