With You In Autumn Evening


The sweet songs of birds,

We hand in hand across the lawn,

Pansies white yellow and violet

Tossing their heads in the breeze,

Somewhere the sound of falling leaves,

The sound of squirrel cracking
the walnut,

Calm weather warm sun.

White fluffy clouds forming different shapes,

A passenger flight in the blue sky,

Sun born in the horizon and

about to die in the horizon.

Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest,

Shutting and opening of our lips.

Your unkempt hair flying backwards,

Yellowish west sky.

Heart shaped fig leaf’s shadow,

Pale maple leaves.

If I could stop this world from spinning,

I would do so,

Just to be with you,

In this autumn evening.

Photo source: http://www.deepbluephotography.ca


Savior wind (tanka #2)

Marigolds stand still

Butterfly wants to sip it

Autumn wind blows

Butterfly unable to suck

Wind knows the pain of it’s sting.


Sunrise (photo blog)

I’m blessed to see everyday sun rising from my window.
This autumn sunrise seems more beautiful than before. My room’s window is towards the east and the first sunbeam peeks through my window pane and to enjoy sunrise I don’t even put curtains on my window.
Yesterday I captured these photos from my phone and thought to share on my blog. How’s this?

My name is KIRAN and in English it means “rays of the Sun” (I’ve used this as the name of my blog)… strange combination.

Everyday I watch sunrise from my window. What about you?







Entangled In Grief-Stricken Questions

Soon the autumn will come
And the winter too
As I lay counting my days
I wonder, will this autumn be my last season?
Yet I long for winter and spring too,
Will my dying day be happy as I am now?
Yet I long for sunshine and moonshine too.
Will I be able to face death?
Yet I long for more years and immortality too.
Will my soul reincarnate after I go?
Yet I wish but hate this life too.
Will I be paid for my deeds in eternity?
Yet I don’t believe in superstitions.
Will I be welcomed in heaven?
Though nobody has seen heaven and hell.
These questions are mysteries
And I’m entangled in grief
Searching for the answers !!

copyright ©Kiran Bantawa