Sunrise #10 – Your Majesty, the Sun

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The Soul Within Me

B-kiran Poetry & Musings


A wayfarer, a wanderer;

Hankering for something unattainable,

Irresistible my soul.


My soul flies across the horizon

with the shapes of the clouds

And I try to draw a figure.

It looks down upon the jagged rocks

And flows with the river.

My soul, an itinerant musician;

Singing songs of sufferings;

Telling stories of downtrodden.

Foreshadowing tomorrow’s uncertainty.

My soul,dumb speaker and deaf listener.

My soul, wave in the ocean.

A traveller in the luminary world.

A conqueror of the universe.

A roisterer in the busy world.

My jaded soul,a dreamer.

All Rights Reserved
©Kiran Bantawa

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The Ripples

B-kiran Poetry & Musings


It was the morning time
I was resting on the park
Eastern sky was colored in Lime
Rising sun defeating the dark.

A dewdrop from the leaf
Dropped into the peaceful pool,
Created ripples across the reef
Was counting ripples like a fool.

Seeing the ripples my jovial face
Turned out to be a crushed can,
Like a defeated opponent in the race
Who can see the ripples* inside of men?

( *rise and fall of men’s unspoken emotions.)

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    I Unchained My Heart

    Rainy days are gone and summer too
    Since long my heart was kept
    In chain on eiderdown bed
    Feared of getting wet or sunburn.
    I let it fly now.
    Like a parrot uncaged
    I ejected my heart.
    This autumn I unchained my heart.

    Embellished with the colors of
    Blue sky and white clouds ;
    Embossed with the petals of
    Sunflowers and Marigolds ;
    Painted with the colors of Green leaves,
    Like an Elf, my heart,
    I let it fly now. I freed my heart.
    This autumn
    I unchained my heart.

    Fly with the fluffy clouds
    Like a moon, smile gailey.
    Suffocated you were
    Freely now roam the valley
    Foreshadowing tomorrow’s uncertainties
    Warning of tomorrow’s complexities
    And bring forth to me
    The stories of far-off folks
    The melodies of joys and griefs
    And tell this autumn
    To stay for a while
    To walk with me
    For some unknown mile.
    This autumn
    I unchained my chained heart.
    Till another season.
    I unchained my heart.

    © kiranbantawa2013

    Loneliness Everywhere

    An Owl sitting on the bough
    No bird accompanies him.

    A teddy bear covered with dust
    Because the girl has grown up now.

    An old guitar under the bed
    No spare time to hit that strings.

    Glowing moon in the murky night
    Without sun and stars too far.

    I’ve friends,families and loneliness too
    Even the shadow leaves you in the dark.

    We fade into eternity alone and lonely
    Will my soul recognizes yours there?

    We live amidst the uncertainties
    One thing is certain,loneliness is there forever.

    Stitching My Life

    The shoe I wear it pinches

    The cot where I lie it aches

    And when I walk on the road

    I stumble upon by potholes.

    Still I walk on with

    Aching foot and aching back.

    The opportunities I found,
    it slipped

    The desires I made,

    I ejected.

    The dreams I dreamt,

    it vanished.

    Upon my head a blue sky

    Beneath my feet the ground,

    I believe –

    Heaven and hell you make

    With your deeds.

    I raced with time but

    I’m left far behind

    Will no one lift me up.

    So from today –

    I’m stitching

    my torn and patched life

    with the needle of a new day and

    the thread of Hope.

    All Rights Reserved
    ©Kiran Bantawa 2013

    “We Are The Youths Of The Nation”

    We are the youths of the nation.
    Get on your boots
    It’s time for celebration,
    Host the flag,render the anthem,
    It’s time for reunion.

    We are the Indians united
    Against corruption,
    We are the children united
    Against destitution.

    Deter no more, tremble no more
    You are the makers of India’s destiny:
    The savior of India’s integrity.

    Fugitive is not our nature
    We are not a hopeless creature,
    We may be desolate and despair
    Seldom we march ahead in repair.

    My India, a heaven on Earth.
    My Country, Gandhi’s place of birth.
    My Land, the birth of all epics,
    The nature, the mountains,the rivers
    All that depicts.

    We are the Gorkhas,the bravest of the brave;
    Dare to dance upon enemies’ grave;
    Ready to die for the country – my passion,
    We are the youths of the nation.

    (On This Auspicious Occasion Of India’s 67th Independence Day.VANDE MATRAM!JAI HIND! JAI BHARAT! )

    All Rights Reserved
    ©Meroblogging 2013
    @Kiran Bantawa

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    exact or in any form is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence.

    Facebook Chat Emoticons Picture Codes

    facebook Picture Emoticons

    facebook Picture Emoticons

    Here is a List of Emoticons Picture Codes used on Facebook Chat and comments.
    Emoticons are fun to play.With picture emoticons facebooking is more interesting.
    I’ve provided the numbers for each emoticons picture. Save this page on your browser for easier copy-paste system.
    Note: These Codes doesn’t work on facebook Messenger.

    [[157680577671754]] – Angry Bird
    [[332936966718584]] – Hello Kitty
    [[223328504409723]] – Gintoki Sakata
    [[249199828481201]] – Konata Izumi
    [[326134990738733]] – Pikachu
    [[155393057897143]] – Doraemon
    [[224502284290679]] – Nobita
    [[334954663181745]] -Spongebob
    [[196431117116365]] – Shin chan
    [[138529122927104]] – Pedo Bear
    [[252497564817075]] -Kerokeroppi
    [[297354436976262]] – Santa Claus
    [[136446926442912]] =Frienster
    [[googlechrome]] =GoogleChrome
    [[87741124305]] =Youtube
    [[justinbieber]] =JustinBieber
    [[ladygaga]] =LadyGaga
    [[40134995667]] =Bleach

    [[134695813311979]] Hmm
    [[138413752938532]] chew
    [[138413752938532]] ksmirk
    [[208551699231052]] side eye
    [[211804458902220]] music
    [[333708903307152]] smirk
    [[131741810275104]] is that?
    [[144264815683239]] maniac
    [[157618067676266]] xD Smile

    [[143220739082110]] – are you?
    [[169919399735055]] -bad Obama
    [[171108522930776]] – Trollface
    [[164413893600463]] – Me gusta
    [[218595638164996]] – Bitch please
    [[129627277060203]] – Pokerface
    [[227644903931785]] – Forever ALONE
    [[100002752520227]] – Okaayy
    [[105387672833401]] – Fuck Yeah
    [[100002727365206]] – CHALLENGE

    Note: when chatting or commenting you only have to copy and paste the numbers leaving the names.

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    Friendship SMS Messages And Quotes

    Friendship Day celebrations occur on
    different dates in different countries.
    The first World Friendship Day was
    proposed for 30 July 1958.
    On 27
    April 2011 the General Assembly of
    the United Nations declared 30 July
    as official International Friendship
    However, some countries,
    including India celebrate
    Friendship Day on the first Sunday of

    Here I have collected some best Friendship SMS and QUOTES.The following SMSes and Quotes belongs to their respective owners:



  • Yesterday I was your friend,
    Today I’m still your friend.Don’t worry about tomorrow ’cause
    I’ll always be your friend,
    Not perfect,
    Not the Sweetest,
    Not even the Cutest but always True.


  • We met it was LUCK,
    we talked it was CHANCE,
    we became friends it was DESTINY,
    we are still friends it is FAITH,
    we’ll always be friends, it’s a PROMISE.


  • Friendship is a Rainbow between two hearts sharing Seven Colors Of Feelings-
    6)SECRET &


  • One day Monday,
    Went to Tuesday,
    To see Wednesday,
    And asked Thursday,
    Whether Friday has
    Told Saturday that
    Sunday is Friendship Day.”


  • Friendship doesn’t need
    everyday conversation,
    doesn’t always need togetherness.
    As long as relationship is kept in heart, True friend never go apart.


  • Alone I can Say,
    but Together we can SHOUT.

    Alone I can Smile,
    but Together we can LAUGH.

    Alone I can Enjoy,
    but Together we can CELEBRATE.

    That’s the BeaUty 0f FRIENDSHIP.


  • Friendship is not how long we have being together,
    Not how much we have given or received,
    Not how many times we have helped each other,
    It’s how we value each other.


  • when time is fast
    when moments are hard
    when everyone is busy
    when seconds are few
    my sms comes to say 1 word
    Your friend is still Remembering u.


  • Words begin with ….A….B….C….
    Number begin with….1….2….3….
    Music begin with….SA….RE….GA….
    FRIENDSHIP begins with….’


  • If You Are Angry with your Loveable Friend,
    Just Put aside your Egos.
    Just Hug Each Other and Say:
    I Need You Idiot,
    at least to Fight With Me..


  • If you are a chocolate
    youare the SWEETEST,
    If you are a teddy bear
    you are the most HUGGABLE,
    If you are a star you
    are the BRIGHTEST,
    and since you are my friend…


  • My Friendship Means-
    A Little Heart That Never Hates,
    A Cute Smile That Never Fades,
    A Smooth Touch That Never Shakes,
    A Strong Relation That Never Breaks.


  • Friend is one, who
    F-inds you in a
    R-ush of people,
    I-nspires you to do something in life, Catches your
    E-motions and
    N-ever leaves you till


  • Being a friend
    is not just sharing a joke,
    a conversation, a cup of coffee
    Or a funny story. It means sharing
    an honest and true part of


  • Happy Friendship Day.
    Thank you for being with me.
    I’ll cherish the moments and preserve it
    until the end..

    All Rights Reserved @Kiran Bantawa
    ©Meroblogging 2013

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    Hi everybody, This article is about how to use emoticons, smileys and f9 codes on facebook chat. We all know facebook allows a number of codes in comment or in chat. These codes when used turn into Emoticons and smileys.Emoticons are fun to play. when chatting sometimes we use emoticons instead of words to express … Continue reading

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    The House That Built Me ~ Home Calling

    House that built me
    This is a Song called “THE HOUSE THAT BUILT ME” By Miranda Lambert.I Dedicate This To All The Married Women. THIS IS MY NARRATION OF THE SONG.

    It’s been a long time since I left my sweet home,the home where I was born and raised,the home where I spent my childhood days playing with fire,playing with stone pebbles and catching tadpoles in the Streams.My childhood,my teenage and my adulthood, I left them there.I don’t know why I’m recalling those times today.., may be I’m hurt or may be I’m insane or may be I wanna go back to the root and live there till the end. But “I know they say you can’t go home again.” Yes, and I know that.When we (girls) are married we leave our maternal home and go to spend rest of life with a man, a known stranger.How stupid the rules of life??

    Today,I feel somewhat tiresome and lonely but it doesn’t mean I’m old and I lack support.I’ve got everything that I wanted, a second home, a loving husband and the children.But the most important thing I’ve got is time, time to recall those times,those carefree days,those golden moments.

    “I just had to come back one last time” just one last time to recall my childhood memories.Mama, I just want to come home one last time to be your little baby again.

    Mama, I’ll come home.Don’t you wanna see me? Didn’t you miss me? I’ll come home and I wanna see my “hand prints on the front steps.” Is it still there? I wanna see that “little back bedroom where I did my homework and where I learnt to play guitar.” How I wish you be with me always! I still remember you playing my favorite song would teach me how to play guitar.You would help me in my homework. I still remember. Do you remember that big Oak tree in the yard? The tree under which my favorite dog was buried.

    I wonder if I could feel those times or if I could just touch the place “this brokenness inside me might start healing.” I’ll come home because I have to find myself,myself the old me. But it’s been a long time since I left the home, I doubt will my family recognize me? Will they treat me like they used to? I doubt,I’d be just another someone else just like “out here like I’m someone else,just a known stranger for the family.

    Mama, when I come home I won’t take anything.I won’t ask for help too. I’ll take with me all my memories,memories of childhood days. “If I could just come in I swear I’ll leave, won’t take nothing but a memory from the house that built me.”

    Mama, I remember those times we didn’t have a good house for us. You had dreamt of a big modern styled house.You used to cut out pictures of houses for years From”Better Homes and Garden” magazine. Daddy drew a plan and built a concrete house “board by board an nail by nail” and gave life to your dream.That was my sweet home, the house that built me.
    But time changes. “You leave home, you move on and you do the best you can.I got lost in this whole world and forgot who I am.” Really I’m lost here and thought if I could come home I’ll take with me my childhood memories and thought may be I could find myself in “the house that built me..

    Original lyrics belongs to: Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin.
    External links: Read the lyrics:
    YouTube: Live ACM awards 2010:

    All Rights Reserved
    Reproducing or copying in any form is prohibited and is a punishable offence.

    Gotta get through this

    life is too short to live, but when we are alive little things matter most. (I’ll write a blog about it, yup,confidentially.. )

    Knock, Knock Knockin On Heavens Door

    Well tonight i’m writing from my bed inside hospital :( I hate having to stay here, its lonely, its cold and it has that hospital smell, you know the one I’m talking about. Anyway I’m all dosed up on Ambien and looking forward to slowly drifting off into club snooooooze! I have struggled to get much sleep since re starting Chemo a couple of weeks ago so finally they have drugged me up and i’m looking at a 8 hour sleep fingers crossed, which is massive considering last week I only managed to get a full 9.5 hours in total from Saturday to saturday!

    Its the little things for me that help make me strong enough to get through this. The random text from a friend or family member…or even ex…yeah she told me to “do what the doctors say and to look after myself”. As soon as I received…

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    SWASTIKA- a sacred symbol

    Swastika with circle

    Swastika with circle


    In ancient times, Swastika was a sacred symbol. The oldest Swastikas were found in ancient civilization viz., Harappa, Mahenjodaro, Persia, Mesopotamia. Aryans used swastika as a sacred symbol. Swastika printed coins were found in Greece and the Greeks used Swastika as a sacred symbol.In Britain Swastika was also a sacred symbol. Swastika printed ornaments were found in Germany.Hitler used swastika in Nazi party’s flag.Later on in 1933,Hitler made Swastika the National Symbol.

    Swastika was first used in India, later on other foreign countries also adopted it. It was printed on chest and under feet in some of Buddha’s Statues. The Buddhists spread it in Tibet, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan and Korea. Jains also used swastika as a sacred symbol. The Christians Used swastika on the grave of dead men and it was a custom then. The Christians used to believe that Swastika would protect the soul of the dead.After a long years of practice, later on they replaced Swastika and used cross on the grave.

    The Chinese call Swastika ‘wan’ meaning ‘long living’ and it is used in blessings. In Sanskrit the meaning of the Swastika is ‘Bless’ and’Good Luck’.
    The word ‘Swastika’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘SWASTI’ and it is the contracted form of ‘Su’ and ‘Asti’. ‘Su’-means ‘Good’ and’Asti’ means ‘Being’.

    Nazi flag

    Nazi flag

    All the people in the world use Swastika according to their customs and rituals,although the historians are unable to guess the exact meaning of the symbol. They believe that it can’t be a symbol of superstition but it points something related to the world.

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    any form is prohibited and is a punishable offence.