Ten Pictures : Drawing with words

——- 1 ——-

Moonbeams fall upon
an empty winding road;
a crawling Anaconda.

——- 2 ——

Clouds on the sky
so light yet so heavy
behind a bare tree.

—— 3 ——–

Pines in the valley :
a conical-shaped rocket
to be launched by the Earth
to explore the Luminary world.

——- 4 ———

The first Sunbeam
kisses Mt. Kanchenjunzga
snow smiles.

——– 5 ———-

Daffodil stands still
Butterfly wants to suck it
wind blows and moves daffodil
hither and thither.

——— 6 ———–

A couple of dove
shelters on the bough
of willow tree
waiting for monsoon rain to end.

——— 7 ———–

Dead mole on the road :
I have an unanswered question,
why does it happen?
Is there any myth?

——— 8 ———-

Crescent Moon
rises with an army of stars
beyond the horizon.

——– 9 ———–

In the summer afternoon
fishes in the stream
take shower-bath
in the Cascade water.

——— 10 ———–

Cicada’s cry
a melancholic chorus
accompanying Cuckoo’s Song.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright ©Kiran Bantawa 2013


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