A Better World

The arm that surrounds in time
of breaking

Now acts in ambushing guns.

The hand that shakes in fraternity

Now bids farewell to friendship.

World has been suffering from egoism

From racism, from superiorism,
from corruption.

Racing against time,racing for destruction.

We are living in uncertainty,

Feel like a bomb may fall upon our heads in a blink of the eyes.

I want to look at the sky tonight

If there any alien who can take me to their home?

The world has seen deadliest destruction in the past

Who can assure me it won’t happen
ever again?

Can we make a better world?

Can we obliterate war?

Can I see sunrise tomorrow?

I don’t wait for the world to change

I want you me and us to come forward

So that we can make a better world.

A safer world.

All Rights Reserved.
©Kiran Bantawa


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