You And I Forever ~

The sweet caress of her when I’m down

Her touch a heavenly bliss,

And when a shooting star passes

over my head

Silently I make a wish.

The monsoon wind blows leaving

my eyes moist

I haven’t lost anything but why I

feel lonely most?

Nothing compares to your soft voice

even the best songbird can’t compete,

Your eyes are so beautiful like a

Sapphire purest and the rarest gift.

I find you in my dreams

In my loneliness

I find you taking me to

fairy’s land.

You and I forever with the bless

from the heaven

A gift so dear to me god has given.

I want to be your pathfinder

in the isles

Holding your hands for a

thousand miles.

I want to walk with you,

want to laugh ,

I want to hug you

Till the eternity lasts.

(This is for one and the only “Afrosinya”)

All Rights Reserved
©Kiran Bantawa


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