The God and the Poor

He was poor desolate and alone
Had nothing to eat except melon.
Never had the things he most needed
Bearing with it and never ceded.

A day came when he decided
to leave the home where he resided.
Nothing to carry nothing to pack
Just a bowl and a rugged sack.

At the dusk he left his home
With a dirge song ‘wherever I may roam.’
Alone was he deceived and poor
Glanced once and set off from the door.

He crossed the valley,field and the park
Not knowing where was he going in the dark.
All of a sudden broke out a dim light
Like a twinkling star in the murky night.

Slowly the light came near
He was perplexed,trembling in fear
He was astonished to see a man
Holding the lamp in the hand.

“who are you?”-asked the man.
“I am a poor and have no one to call mine
A tiny bit of melon is all that I dine.”

“where are you going?”-asked the man.
“Searching for the happiness,
tired of this weariness.”

“I am God.Do you believe it?”-said the man.
“I don’t because God don’t exist.”

Then in a flash of an eye
The man becomes God from the guy.
Moonlight falls upon the God brightly
Comes forward smiling lightly.

He became feeble and shaken
Felt like his soul is taken.
The God told him not to fear
For God everyone is dear.

The God said-“Listen to me carefully
You’ll spend rest of the life playfully.
Poor you are I know that
It’s the reason of all day lying flat.

You are an idle,blaming your fate
Sleeping till the sun above your head.
How can you be happy and contented
when you have basket full of things rejected.

Contentment is the gate of happiness
Failure is the result of idleness.
You’ll be blessed for your labour
From the almighty God, the savior.

Praise the lord,he is omnipotent
Wherever you go,he is omnipresent.”

Then the God disappeared in the dark
With a new hope he returned back.


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