New Me

Broken hearted man.
How deep?

Questions are so simple
and answers are
complicated.But why?

At times,
I keep asking myself
the price of a fake smile.How much?

Feels like I’ve got no guts
to rise above all. Lost confidence?

Everything around
mocks me.
I’ve been a joker,
I’m fed up of this life.Are you?

With a little hope inside of me
believing everything swings
back to life real soon.But when?

So waiting
for the miracle to happen.
I have to create myself,
the new me. Is that?

I’m lost somewhere
in the middle of
I have to find myself and
my dignity.Isn’t it late?

I’ll show the world that
I was
born to stand out
in the crowd.Sure?

Things aren’t the same
as they seem.
So, I’ve learnt to observe things
before acting. Huh?

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    All Rights Reserved
    @Kiran Bantawa

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