Facebook Chat Emoticons Picture Codes

facebook Picture Emoticons

facebook Picture Emoticons

Here is a List of Emoticons Picture Codes used on Facebook Chat and comments.
Emoticons are fun to play.With picture emoticons facebooking is more interesting.
I’ve provided the numbers for each emoticons picture. Save this page on your browser for easier copy-paste system.
Note: These Codes doesn’t work on facebook Messenger.

[[157680577671754]] – Angry Bird
[[332936966718584]] – Hello Kitty
[[223328504409723]] – Gintoki Sakata
[[249199828481201]] – Konata Izumi
[[326134990738733]] – Pikachu
[[155393057897143]] – Doraemon
[[224502284290679]] – Nobita
[[334954663181745]] -Spongebob
[[196431117116365]] – Shin chan
[[138529122927104]] – Pedo Bear
[[252497564817075]] -Kerokeroppi
[[297354436976262]] – Santa Claus
[[136446926442912]] =Frienster
[[googlechrome]] =GoogleChrome
[[87741124305]] =Youtube
[[justinbieber]] =JustinBieber
[[ladygaga]] =LadyGaga
[[40134995667]] =Bleach

[[134695813311979]] Hmm
[[138413752938532]] chew
[[138413752938532]] ksmirk
[[208551699231052]] side eye
[[211804458902220]] music
[[333708903307152]] smirk
[[131741810275104]] is that?
[[144264815683239]] maniac
[[157618067676266]] xD Smile

[[143220739082110]] – are you?
[[169919399735055]] -bad Obama
[[171108522930776]] – Trollface
[[164413893600463]] – Me gusta
[[218595638164996]] – Bitch please
[[129627277060203]] – Pokerface
[[227644903931785]] – Forever ALONE
[[100002752520227]] – Okaayy
[[105387672833401]] – Fuck Yeah
[[100002727365206]] – CHALLENGE

Note: when chatting or commenting you only have to copy and paste the numbers leaving the names.

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4 responses to “Facebook Chat Emoticons Picture Codes

  1. When i copy paste these codes to fb chat the pic doesnt appear and only the code appears. How can i convert these codes to pics. Do i need to use any keys after copypasting?

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