It’s A Facebook Thing

“Hey, you are sticking to phone 24 hours,what’s there? Don’t you have anything to do beside facebook?”
“My dear son, see now I’ll crack that piece of plastic if don’t do immediately what I’ve told.”

Ha.. ha.. These two sentences are the most familiar sentences for me ’cause at least ten times a day I get to hear from mum.
My friends questions me, “I’m noticing you are online 18 hours a day, you have nothing to do?” I simply cast a fake smile on them with short and sweet reply ‘Yup’.

I’ve things to do, busy schedule, focusing on job, but still I manage time for ‘FACEBOOKING’. Without facebook I’m moron. It doesn’t mean I’ve gotten time for chatting or flirting, instead I read, I look, I like, I scroll, I discover things…!
facebook login
These days Facebook has become an intimate part of our daily life and such a familiar name that even a 5-6 year old child knows what is it. The only name that connects the whole world without any discrimination of race, religion, region or boundary is ‘FACEBOOK’
I don’t know other’s views, I mean how they use it or what facebook meant to them but about me I’m sure it’s my little world, a world at my palm.
Gone are the days when everything was messy. we had no such meddlers through which we could express anything from love to hatred, joy to sorrow, anger to feeling.Now facebook does that perfectly without any doubt.

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who founded Facebook with his fellows in 2004. With over 1.2 billion registered users facebook is the greatest discovery of 21st century in networking category.
I’ve heard my neighbor aunt shouting at her son – “facebook, facebook, facebook, not facebook, face the book.” Seems like aunt is fed up of her son’s activity. What she doesn’t know is that “Facebook is an online store house of knowledge.”

“Hey dude, I’ll tag you a photo ok?”– One of my friend. I sent a message “ya sure.”Then in a minute he uploads and tags me. I checked. I murmured “what the hell is this? What am I supposed to do with his girlfriend’s photo?” Anyway I clicked “Like”.No Comments.Is he offering me or wanna tell me she is his girlfriend? Can’t figured out. Crazy guy.

Another one.
“I have a new girlfriend on facebook.”
“Woow, how’s she?”
“Very Beautiful.”
“Have you met her?”
“Nope. Not now.”
“Then how can she be your girlfriend ?”
“But she loves me.”
“Ohh, Love on facebook. Is that her real ID?”
“……………………..” Speechless.

I wake up with facebook and off to sleep with facebook. Are you…..??

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