Gotta get through this

life is too short to live, but when we are alive little things matter most. (I’ll write a blog about it, yup,confidentially.. )

Knock, Knock Knockin On Heavens Door

Well tonight i’m writing from my bed inside hospital :( I hate having to stay here, its lonely, its cold and it has that hospital smell, you know the one I’m talking about. Anyway I’m all dosed up on Ambien and looking forward to slowly drifting off into club snooooooze! I have struggled to get much sleep since re starting Chemo a couple of weeks ago so finally they have drugged me up and i’m looking at a 8 hour sleep fingers crossed, which is massive considering last week I only managed to get a full 9.5 hours in total from Saturday to saturday!

Its the little things for me that help make me strong enough to get through this. The random text from a friend or family member…or even ex…yeah she told me to “do what the doctors say and to look after myself”. As soon as I received…

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