SWASTIKA- a sacred symbol

Swastika with circle

Swastika with circle


In ancient times, Swastika was a sacred symbol. The oldest Swastikas were found in ancient civilization viz., Harappa, Mahenjodaro, Persia, Mesopotamia. Aryans used swastika as a sacred symbol. Swastika printed coins were found in Greece and the Greeks used Swastika as a sacred symbol.In Britain Swastika was also a sacred symbol. Swastika printed ornaments were found in Germany.Hitler used swastika in Nazi party’s flag.Later on in 1933,Hitler made Swastika the National Symbol.

Swastika was first used in India, later on other foreign countries also adopted it. It was printed on chest and under feet in some of Buddha’s Statues. The Buddhists spread it in Tibet, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan and Korea. Jains also used swastika as a sacred symbol. The Christians Used swastika on the grave of dead men and it was a custom then. The Christians used to believe that Swastika would protect the soul of the dead.After a long years of practice, later on they replaced Swastika and used cross on the grave.

The Chinese call Swastika ‘wan’ meaning ‘long living’ and it is used in blessings. In Sanskrit the meaning of the Swastika is ‘Bless’ and’Good Luck’.
The word ‘Swastika’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘SWASTI’ and it is the contracted form of ‘Su’ and ‘Asti’. ‘Su’-means ‘Good’ and’Asti’ means ‘Being’.

Nazi flag

Nazi flag

All the people in the world use Swastika according to their customs and rituals,although the historians are unable to guess the exact meaning of the symbol. They believe that it can’t be a symbol of superstition but it points something related to the world.

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