Butterfly Flutters By

Butterfly flutters by where the wind is calm,
And butterfly flutters by in your open wide arm.

When kissed a drooping flower revives
Promised to return if she survives.

Butterfly flutters by where the mind is without fear,
Butterfly flutters by where she’s waiting for her dear.

Why her lifespan is so short?
She did not deceive nor did she hurt.

Butterfly flutters by in the greenery of earth,
Butterfly flutters by till she reaches the dearth.

Mesmerized by the colors she wore,
Ah,how I loved to see her more.

Butterfly flutters by speaking the words of fraternity,
And butterfly flutters by spreading the message of serenity.



Distant Thoughts

Time has flown by as the flapping of the wings
But I will wander singing quietly in the rains,
Hope to lay in the boughs of my
For I will be free from this earthly chains.

I have seen the turnings of the
Mortal body questing longevity for reasons,
Hope to lay in the boughs of my
Leaving behind those unresolved

When I’ll be gone, do not hang
window curtains
For I’ll be peeping you from the
moon’s surface ,
You’ll see me laying in the boughs of my creator
In the eternity of love, in the
serenity of peace.


Happy Anniversary To Me !

Happy Anniversary  ! Just completed my 1 year with  WordPress . Thank you all the followers and readers who stood by me all the year and read my blogs (which I call waste product of my idle mind) . I’d be glad to serve you more in the coming days…

“Time will fly by as the flapping of the wings,
But I will wander singing as the tapping of the rains
Hope to lay in the boughs of  my creator
When I will be free from this earthly chains.”

Thanks once again. LOVE. PEACE.



Ode To Matsuo Basho


I find you in an old silent pond,
The imagery you’ve left will outlive all,
With nature,your immortal bond
You will stand like a kiri tree tall.

You, the gem of haiku,
Your name be echoed in Fuji’s peak,
Mogami river shall chant your lines
Your praise be sung by the Cuckoo.
The rivers and the oceans shall seek
To preserve you in their shrines.

The Cherry trees bow in thankfulness
Pines remind of your gingko walks,
Spring departs,autumn smiles in
The rivers, the winds and the clouds.

Though time fades away,deem all out,
You shall remain in greenness of nature
Forever alive and forever young.
This word-wreath be bestowed
Upon you, your name shall be featured
In the valley  and ocean shall chant
your song.


An Orphan at Footpath


Torn clothes,
patched heart,
Barbed eyes
and frenetic life
Lived with agony.
Sewn by mockery.
Has got eyes but
couldn’t figured out
Who really is he?
Where does he belong?
Only the wind that blows
Knows his roots.
Footpath – his sweet home,
No homesickness.
Begging – his profession,
No more greed of more pennies.
Morning – a curse to him,
Night – an uncertainty.
he has no one to call his own,
He lives in merriment,
He lives in peace and
He believes,
If people changes,
one thing will never change
And that is his sweet home “Footpath”..

Photo: flickriver